Make Travelers Hungry To Visit Your Destination With Dish Worth The Drive

TV Footprint will span 40+TV Markets from Norfolk to Miami, Austin to Tulsa, and across The Great South!

WP Downloads per Year
WP Downloads per Year
WP Downloads per Year

Airing on Broadcast TV Stations in 40+ TV Markets Across The South

WP Downloads per Year

Dish Worth the Drive: Southern Eats Edition will be a series of quarterly 30-minute specials inspired by the South and its deep-seated culinary heritage. From shrimp n’ grits that would make grandma jealous in Tampa to the most finger lickin’ roadside barbecue pit in Memphis. From the most au courant culinary sensation in Charleston to the superstar chefs in San Antonio that make Southern cuisine something worth writing home about, Dish Worth the Drive: Southern Eats Edition has all of its Southern cookin’ bases covered.

2 out of 3 US consumers watch travel video’s before planning a trip

Studies show that over 1/3 of travelers choose destinations based on eating opportunities

Distribution footprint will reach top feeder markets for all southern region destinations of up to 29 million homes

Your destination will receive:

• 3-4 minute long form segment

• High definition b-roll

• Distribution on Dish Worth The Drive: Southern Eats Edition
   TV Show on 40-50 Broadcast Affiliates across the Southeast

Total Investment: $30,000

[Production: $15,000  Media: $15,000]

*Travel and accommodations not included