We take our brunch food seriously in the South. From grits to biscuits to bacon, we just do it right. If you’re looking for the craziest, most delicious desserts in the South, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit (Charleston, South Carolina)

Who doesn’t love a good biscuit? Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit takes a classic Southern food to a whole new level. Ever heard of a bread bowl? Well, at Callie’s, they’ve created the biscuit bowl. That’s right- an entire bowl made of biscuits, filled with grits and any of your favorite Southern toppings.

Callie's Biscuit

Photo by Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit


  1. Yardbird (Miami, Florida)

Yardbird has an amazing brunch menu full of Southern classics. From their Shrimp n’ Grits to their Mama’s Chicken Biscuits, you can’t go wrong. But what we’re obsessed with is their Fried Green Tomato BLT. Listen to this description, your mouth will water: fried green tomato with house smoked pork belly, smoky tomato jam, frisée, pimento cheese, pickled lemon vinaigrette. Enough said.


Photo by @misschristycmc


  1. Dante’s Kitchen (New Orleans, Louisiana)

At Dante’s Kitchen, each menu item has a special twist. From the Crab and Brie Omelette to the Bread Pudding French Toast, Dante’s is anything but basic. But before you dig into any of the entrees, the Bacon Praline Cinnamon Sticky Buns are an absolute must starter. That’s right- In the South, we’ll put bacon on anything!

Dante's Kitchen

Photo by @sarahdeaton


  1. Biscuit Head (Asheville, North Carolina)

Husband and wife, Jason and Carolyn, have crafted up a menu to “put some South in your mouth.” They have so many biscuit and topping options, sweet or savory, whatever you want. But, brunch is breakfast and lunch, right? So why not add some meat to your biscuit?! Our favorite is the Brisket Biscuit topped with pickled onion, smoked chévre, poached eggs, and bbq hollandaise.

Biscuit Head

Photo by Biscuit Head


  1. Odd Duck (Austin, Texas)

You’ve got to get some duck eggs at Odd Duck, right? Well theirs just happen to be amazing. They serve their duck eggs in a cast iron skillet with mushrooms, pickled carrot, sour cream, and potato chips. Not your average brunch dish, but it is definitely a must-try! We love to finish off the meal with some peanut butter bread pudding, and then it’s food coma time.

Odd Duck

Photo by @fatburningman


  1. Biscuit Love (Nashville, Tennessee)

Regardless of its name, Biscuit Love has way more than just biscuits. They have it all- eggs, oatmeal, and French toast. But beyond the classics, they’ve also created the Bonut: fried biscuit donuts. Drooling already? Our favorite part of the Bonuts is the lemon mascarpone filling and the blueberry compote topping. Warning: the Bonuts are listed on the “to share” menu. At least for us, these are not so easy to share.

Biscuit Love

Photo from nashvilleguru.com


  1. Kitchen 208 (Charleston, South Carolina)

It’s hard to choose your order at Kitchen 208. Full of grits and waffles and bacon, Kitchen 208 is a true Southern spot. While you can’t go wrong with any of their dishes, they happen to have an amazing classic breakfast sandwich that they call the Cobblestone Sandwich. Filled with egg, candied bacon, tomato, arugula, gruyere cheese, and lemon mayo, it’s a true Insta-worthy creation.


Photo by Restaurant Management from Yelp


  1. Sunny Point Café (Asheville, North Carolina)

We are obsessed with Sunny Point Café from its fun atmosphere to its Warm Oatmeal Brulee to its breakfast sandwich. But, of course we don’t settle for just any breakfast sandwich. The Fried Chicken and Waffle Sandwich at Sunny Point is to die for: Fried chicken sandwiched between sweet potato waffles and topped with maple pepper bacon, pimento cheese, and jalepeño Haw Creek honey. O.M.G.

Sunny Point Cafe

Photo by @cjakepack


  1. The Ruby Slipper (New Orleans, Louisiana)

The Ruby Slipper has a huge brunch menu full of both Southern classics and signature dishes. While it’s usually hard to choose from such an extensive menu, when someone says “slow-cooked, apple-braised pork debris served over an open- faced house-made buttermilk biscuit, topped with two poached eggs, finished with hollandaise,” our choice is made. The Eggs Chochon is definitely a Southern brunch masterpiece.

Ruby Slipper

Photo by Steve F. from Yelp


  1. Eating House (Miami, Florida)

At Eating House, you have the option to order simple with their homemade granola or veggie frittata, but we like to order big. (Go big or go home, right?). That being said, we always go back for the Cap’n Crunch Pancake smothered in condensed milk syrup, candied Cap’n Crunch, and whipped vanilla butter. Not bad, huh?

Eating House

Photo by @citymunch


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