1. Kanye Prime (Nashville, Tennessee)

Not only is Kanye Prime’s Housemade Bacon appetizer almost as thick as a steak, but it is also served underneath maple cotton candy. Has anything ever sounded more intriguing than extremely thick-cut bacon topped with your favorite childhood dessert? If you’re looking for another way to add bacon to your diet, I would highly recommend giving Kanye Prime a quick visit next time you’re driving through Nashville.

kanye prime

Photo by Thrillist


  1. Gourdough’s (Austin, Texas)

Bacon definitely does not just have to be a savory item. Yes, we all love bacon alongside some eggs; but what about with something more sweet like peanut butter and bananas? Well, Gourdough’s in Austin is whipping up a genius masterpiece called the Fat Elvis. This donut is topped with grilled bananas, peanut butter icing, honey, and of course… BACON.


Photo by @kelsens


  1. Green Goddess (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Green Goddess sounds like it is all about kale and spinach, right? Well, scratch that, because Green Goddess in New Orleans has created the ultimate bacon dessert; they call it their Notorious Bacon Sundae. Get ready for this description because it’s a mouthful: Creole Creamery Coffee Pecan Brittle ice cream with a creamy bacon caramel sauce carrying a bit of black lava salt, with Nueske’s applewood bacon, layered with smoked whipped cream topped with a Luxardo cherry. Holy bacon!

Green Goddess

Photo by Thrillist


  1. The Iberian Pig (Atlanta, Georgia)

Don’t you wish you could just wrap everything in bacon? The Iberian Pig in Atlanta understands you completely. They’re B.W.D. dish is bacon wrapped heaven. The dish consists of bacon wrapped dated stuffed with Manchego cheese and walnuts, served over romesco sauce. The combination of salty and sweet, and crunchy and chewy is hypnotizing-ly good!

iberian pig

Photo by Iberian Pig


  1. Smoke (Dallas, Texas)

Chef-Owner Time Byres knows how to add bacon to a burger. His famous sandwich called the EB&D Loaded Up & Truckin’ Burger stars thick-cut, house-smoked bacon, a soft farm egg fritter, and smoked sharp cheddar cheese all stacked between a homemade honey roll. This burger is smokin’!


Photo by Food&Wine


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